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Home Inspection Brooklyn

Why Do You Need A Home Inspection 

It is strongly recommended, and required by mortgage lenders, that you have a new home evaluated by a home inspector before you purchase the home. Many lenders will specifically require that the inspection be handled by an engineer who is properly credentialed. For a home buyer who is already dreaming of the home that they put an offer in for, that was approved, this can seem like a burdensome step, though it is for the wellbeing of the homeowner. Here are some of the benefits of having a home inspection done.


Knocking Off Some Amount from the Home Price


Most home inspectors will identify some problems associated with your home which can be a negotiation point for a lower price on your home. While you are not guaranteed to get a lower purchase price on your home, it can be a great negotiation tool for discussing a price reduction if a problem arises, which I likely will.


Identifying Major Issues that Lead You to Change Your Mind


Some inspections identify major problems that may lead you to change your mind on whether or not to buy the home. Examples can be the presence of black mold colonies, unsafe electrical wiring, or a lack of certifications of occupancy that may not have been filed. Correcting these issues before moving in, or finding a new home altogether, may be the right move which can only be made with the information derived from a home inspection.


Learning About Your Home


A home inspection is conducted by an inspector in your presence and with the presence of the former homeowner. This is a great opportunity to ask questions of a technical nature to the former homeowner who knows more about the home than you do. This is a great learning experience for a homeowner to understand how to best operate the home and its components.


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